Thursday, January 26, 2012

Harvicks Expecting

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Speculation raged late last season after the surprising merger of Kevin Harvick Inc. with Richard Childress Racing. Many pointed to potential marital problems between owners, not to mention husband and wife, Kevin and DeLana, as the "real" reason for the changes.

Yet, when asked about life after KHI Wednesday on the Media Tour, Harvick set things straight on why the couple decided to give up control of the company they had built from the ground to become a championship-caliber team - and the answer produced a surprise for most everyone in the room.

“For me and my wife, to not have the race team this winter has been pretty different,” Harvick said when asked about not having to worry about running a team this offseason. “As we worked through a lot of things, basically what we’ve got to do is go on vacation, we got to try to learn how to be normal, and DeLana is 14 weeks pregnant.”

A shock to most in the crowd, including those within RCR, Harvick’s announcement cleared the air on the couple’s decision last year to merge their organization with RCR.

“I think this is the last piece," the driver confirmed. "Where everybody can finally put all the pieces together and say, ‘Oh, I guess it all adds up, I guess they wanted to move to a different phase of their life and do
something different.’”

The baby is due midsummer, roughly a month before the Chase for the championship and, without KHI has changed DeLana's role from business owner to expectant mother. But now that DeLana is carrying their first child, don’t expect to see her donning a firesuit anytime soon.

“You might not ever see her in a firesuit again, to be honest with you,” Harvick said, beaming with a smile. “You might have seen the last days of that. I guess that’s still to be determined, but you won’t (see it) any
time soon.”

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